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A+S performs projects and research in the field of transport planning, develops IT solutions for simulation and traffic management, delivers software products for the creation of traffic models.


We are fluent in the skills of the traffic simulation and use advanced methods for modeling of traffic flows for projects in the field of transport planning, forecasting and traffic management. There are leading traffic engineers and developers with unique knowledge in our large and well-coordinated team. Due to the constant development we find best possible solutions. Through these terms we offer our clients best solutions. 


A+S is the developer of largest state traffic models 

Integrated traffic model of toll roads of the European part of Russia, the traffic model of the Moscow transport node, state information system "Traffic model of Saint-Petersburg", the multimodal traffic model of Almaty, the traffic model of the Rostov oblast and Perm krai.


A+S created and launched the first dynamic traffic model in Russia and CIS

The dynamic model works in real time. It is operated in the State Public Institution "Centre of the traffic organization" of the Moscow Government to manage the traffic situation.


A+S developed a digital industry platform TransInfo (Transport Service Integration Platform)

The upper level system to integrate and manage all intelligent transportation services of Moscow.


A+S has played a key role in the formation of the market of software for traffic planning and modeling

As the exclusive partner of PTV Group and Schlothauer&Wauer, A+S implements and localizes software products and provides operational technical support and training courses for users.


Representatives of A+S are authors of methodological, academic and practical publications published by the Association of traffic engineers (ATE)

"Fundamentals of traffic modeling", "Guidance to the use of transport models in transport planning and project appraisal", "Thematic review of the Association: prospective mobility and the vehicles of the future". Association of traffic engineers (ATE) is a non-profit partnership that brings together leading experts to provide a modern development of the industry.