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A+S is the exclusive distributor of German software products for planning, simulation and traffic management in Russia and CIS.

Software for planning, simulation and traffic management

A+S offers innovative technologies from Germany on the Russian market. Technology is fully localized and adapted for the needs of Russian consumers.


Software products of PTV Group for simulation and planning of traffic flows – PTV VISUM, VISSIM, VISWALK, OPTIMA.


Software products of Schlothauer & Wauer for the automatic calculation of signal plans and the development of algorithms for adaptive control of traffic lights – LISA+, INES+.

All programs have a Russian interface.


The supplied software includes printed and electronic versions of the support technical documentation in Russian:

  • guidance on the implementation of projects;
  • user manual;
  • software installation guide.


There are training courses on work in programs and projects in the offices of A+S or on a Client's territory.


For all software products there is an organized professional technical support including consultation by experienced engineers and "hotline" in Russian.