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  • Development of a national multimodal traffic model in the framework of the functional task of the ASC TC of the Ministry of transport of Russia "Modeling of traffic flows" (ASC TC FT MTF)
    A static multimodal traffic model was created. It was delivered to the Customer with software for further work.
    Based on the data obtained in real-time and a static traffic model, a dynamic traffic model of the Moscow transport hub has been developed.
    TransInfo is now operated in the State institution of Moscow "Centre of traffic organization of Moscow Government" and has proved its efficiency as the main tool of management of the transport system of the city.
    There was an evaluation and comparison of different options of the organization of pedestrian and road traffic in the designed Olympic Park in Sochi, as well as there was a development of measures in case of emergency situations, including recommendations on changes to routes and headways of public transport.
    Integrated traffic model of highways of the State Company "AVTODOR" includes alternate roads of the European part of Russia and is the largest and most detailed model of the transport roads in Russia.
  • In the course of the project a multimodal traffic model was created as a strategic planning tool to calculate the volume of freight traffic flows and evaluation of the effectiveness of options for infrastructure development in the Eastern partnership countries.
    Optimization of the local control modes and development of coordinated control of traffic lights for 6 linear objects in Moscow.
    Implementation of the project included not only analysis and recommendations on the organization of pedestrian flows on the territory of EXPO-2017 but also development of navigation and planning information for visitors to the world Expo.
    To optimize the work of staff of the State Public Institution "Centre of the traffic organization" on the platform TransInfo, a system of monitoring was created for the rolling stock, including tows, inspectors and parking lots in real-time.
    Created an analytical system to assess socio-economic effects of traffic projects on the basis of the state information system of St. Petersburg "Traffic model of Saint-Petersburg".
    In the course of the project a feasibility study was carried out for the project documentation of bypassing Odintsovo, and a system was created for decision support for long-term traffic forecasts and financial modeling.
  • In the course of the project there were the calculations of the forecasted traffic volume on the sections of the highway M-4 "DON" to assess and justify the introduction of charges on them.
    A+S experts developed a method for forecasting traffic on toll roads, as well as co-authored educational and methodical publications of the series "Library of the transportation engineer".
    The analysis of traffic and pedestrian service for a Facility with the development of the surrounding area, and transport concept was developed for construction of shopping Mall.
    A detailed transport analysis of the core transport interchange hubs (TIH) in stations of a highway "Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan".
    To develop a set of measures and proposals to improve the efficiency of the transport system of the city, reduce number of accidents and the negative impact of road transport on the environment.
    To create a tool for monitoring movement of the passenger taxi that allows collection and analysis of indicators of their work, identification of main collection places of free taxis, fixation of the place of delivery of passengers.
  • The results of the project allowed to assess the prospects of building the Crimean bridge for the technical, social and economic spheres of the country.